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I love to help business owners and organisations develop a clear and straightforward strategic path to follow through what can be a very overwhelming world of social media marketing. With a corporate background of 18 years in sales and marketing working for some of the world’s biggest brands, my clients get someone with business acumen and plenty of creative ideas!

You might be very unsure of how to approach organic social media marketing, or have no idea what to say on your platforms. You may feel frustrated by the lack of engagement your social media gets, the time it takes to execute or, (this is a common one), feel that your competitors are doing it much better than you. With my training plans and support packages I’ll help you come unstuck and give you the confidence, skills and knowledge to move forward.

I’ve invested in my training

In 2017 I completed the six month Digital Mums Strategic Marketing Diploma to add social media marketing skills to my existing business skill set, enabling me to work flexibly around my young family.

Since then I have completed multiple further digital training courses and worked with clients across a variety of sectors. I have trained (literally) hundreds of people on how to professionally use the major social media platforms for business through my work with a leading social media training provider.
I now specialise in training LinkedIn for business and marketing and will admit to it being my favourite social media platform. Ask me about others though, as I have also delivered successful strategies and platform management across Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and X (formerly known as Twitter), so I can help you if you need support with any of these platforms!

You’ll read a few testimonials of my work here on the website, but to read a full summary of client testimonials about my work or training with me, head over to my LinkedIn personal profile and scroll down to see my recommendations. While you’re there don’t forget to connect with me too!

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A few more things about me...

I love being outside and participating in sport, so you’ll read lots of outdoorsy chat on my social media channels as well as the latest platform and digital trends. I also share plenty of helpful tips, so please do come over and say hi.

No matter how small your business or organisation, or your query, please do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

Beth x

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