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What services do we offer?

We have a variety of packages to suit different budgets to support you, your business or organisation with your social media needs. However, if you have a specific business need which you feel isn’t covered here then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We can be flexible around each of the packages and can tailor support individually to you. We’d love to discuss it over a coffee!


Social Media Audit

We can review your existing presence on social media and provide recommendations to improve what you
are currently doing.


Cost: £75.00

Best for…

Businesses with existing social media presence but need improvement tips to increase brand reach.

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We can complete an audit of your existing presence on social media and provide follow up documentation with
recommendations to improve what you are currently doing vs your competitors. This could include, but not
limited to:

  • Platform optimisation – review & recommendations.
  • Content review and recommendations.
  • Review of your brand tone of voice.
  • Optimum posting advice and tips for gaining growth going forward – for example use of hashtags on
    different platforms.


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Strategic Social Media Plan

Many businesses do not have a thought out plan when it comes to social media, and simply having a presence these days is not enough. Social media users continue to grow month on month (the latest Facebook performance figures indicate it will reach 2 billion monthly users soon for example), so investing in a detailed strategic approach to social media is a wise one.


Cost: £500.00

Best for

Businesses who are unsure where to begin with social media or feel they need to overhaul what they are currently doing.

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We can provide a detailed strategic social media plan for you which will include the following:

  • Creating detailed customer profiles
  • Setting your business and social media objectives
  • Tone of voice planning
  • Platform recommendations and optimisation based on your customer profile.
  • Development of a content strategy and research into content providers – essentially what you should
    talk about, how often, and where it will come from.
  • Key influencer mapping – crucial to delivering social media success.
  • A full review with you over Skype or on a 1-1 basis to ensure your understanding and to tweak as

Following the completion of the work (minimum 20 hours), you will then be provided with the full documented
summary to use going forward. From this strategy you will feel 100% comfortable about how to manage social
media in the best way possible for your business moving forwards.


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Social Media Platform Management

Don’t have time to run your own social media channels? Or are you looking to launch a new business or key
product and want short-term social media support? Then this is the right choice for you.


Cost: £dependant on number of platforms

Best for

Businesses who want short term social media support for a time bound period AND those who don’t have the resource to maintain their platform ongoing.

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Many businesses and organisations simply don’t have the man power or time to run their own channels to
maximum benefit, which is where we can help.

Whether it’s just one platform or three, we can assist. We will first need to create the strategy for your
platforms and social media presence (we simply cannot just “take-on” platforms without first doing this
work), optimise them and then manage them 7 days per week.

We will work with you to create engaging content for your target audience, curate content on your behalf,
engage daily with your key influencers, manage customer services and engagement, and most importantly post
at optimum times for you.

If we are supporting you for a time-bound period with a new product launch for example, we will develop a
campaign plan for you across the right platforms for your business, and execute it as above.


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Social Media 1-1 Training

Do you want to manage your own social media but not sure where to start? We can provide 1-1 training in a
location suitable for you.


Cost: £150.00

Best for…

Businesses who want to manage their own social media but are not sure how to do it most effectively.

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We can provide 1-1 coaching for 2.5 hours in a location suitable for you in order for us to help you manage
your social media more effectively going forward. These sessions can be specifically tailored to your needs
and a follow up document provided afterwards.

We could spend the session diving into the priority platform for your business, or we could coach you on key
selected areas across three platforms to give you a basic understanding. The structure of the session will
be discussed and agreed upfront in order for us to ensure it delivers maximum benefit for you.


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Social Media Workshop

Watch this space for our Oxfordshire based workshops coming soon!

These will be tailored towards small business owners who want to learn how to use social media more
strategically for their business. In a small group environment, these workshops will equip you with
the knowledge to walk away and use social media more effectively to grow your business


Cost: £TBC


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