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Why you shouldn’t ignore LinkedIn!

By , Jan 25, 2019

  Before Christmas I had the pleasure of running a Techpixies face to face training session on understanding the essentials of the LinkedIn platform. In a 4 hour session, our objective was that the Cohort would leave feeling equipped with the basic knowledge of getting a profile set up on it, and understand how and …read more

5 Tips on how to successfully ENGAGE on social media!

By , Oct 10, 2018

social media engagement

I regularly speak to business owners who are seeing little growth on social media and just can’t understand why. Successful social media growth comes not just from the content you post, but also through REGULAR AUTHENTIC ENGAGEMENT with your audience to build your following and grow your online community.   So, here’s my top 5 …read more

8 Tips on how to stay sane when working from home!

By , Oct 2, 2018

working from home socially oxford

Throughout my 23 year career, I have spent 18 of these working from my home for large corporate businesses. Back in the day, it was affectionately named “teleworking” (god knows why, as from my perspective there was absolutely no TV involved). These days I hear it called “flexiworking”, or just plain old “working from home” …read more

7 Reasons your business or organisation needs to be on social media

By , Aug 7, 2018

reasons to be on social media

  Are you currently in a quandary over social media? Maybe you don’t use it personally, but you’re increasingly aware you need to use it for your business, but really don’t know where to get started? Or maybe your business is already on social media, but you aren’t really using it or posting any content? …read more