December 2019 was a deliberately quiet month for me on the work front.

I wanted time to plan and organise, and to be able to reflect on the past year and think about what would be important for my business in 2020.

Whilst doing all of the above (read about that here) I also found time to do some much needed basic digital house-keeping across my social platforms and website. I knew this was well overdue in the day to day of keeping my clients happy, but also that doing these things are super important in today’s digital world for security purposes.

I’ve quickly summarised what I did into this handy checklist of things here which I hope you find useful. None of these things take a particularly long time to do, but they do get missed in the everyday life of running (and surviving in!) your own business.

So, grab yourself a coffee and your laptop, and set aside a couple of hours in the quiet time and see how many of these you can get through…

1. Check your social media platform bios and specifically the “About” sections! Are they consistent and up to date with what you offer? Do you have new services you want to highlight? Can you make them more engaging to ensure they appeal to your target online audience?

2. Check ALL links to your website! Links can break with platform outages and updates, so it’s worth regularly checking they aren’t broken, not just annually.

3. Change all your platform passwords! This maximises security and limits your chances of being hacked, and is definitely best practice in the online digital world.

4. Check and refresh your platform profile pictures. Remove any incorrectly sized or blurry images (my social media pet hate!).

5. Update and refresh all your pinned posts! Ensure you are pinning a relevant New Year product offer or service from your business and keep it consistent across your platforms.

6. Make sure only the right people have access to your platforms! Review your admin panel on Facebook if you’ve been working with others and check only the right people have access to your platforms.

7. Not just for business purposes, ensure you remove any personal information from personal platform profiles such as your address and phone number.

8. Back up your website and run updates on it!