Are you currently in a quandary over social media? Maybe you don’t use it personally, but you’re increasingly aware you need to use it for your business, but really don’t know where to get started? Or maybe your business is already on social media, but you aren’t really using it or posting any content? Either way, social media is no longer a luxury to have, it’s an absolutely essential part of your marketing mix.


Here are 7 reasons why…


1. So that your customers can FIND your business and brand online and CONNECT with you. Social Media Today recently reported that 83% of adults are using a social media platform – don’t be the brand or business they can’t find!

2. To drive traffic to your website and therefore drive your SEO harder (who doesn’t need this?).

3. To showcase your brand or service in the best way possible via different formats – social media platforms can successfully share multimedia formats such as video, images, photography, blogs, micro-blogs, articles etc…the list goes on but you get the gist!

4. To improve your customer service – enable your customers to find you on social media and receive a quick response or feedback and it’s guaranteed they’ll come back for more.

5. To build RELATIONSHIPS and communities with your desired audience and key influencers for your business or organisation.

6. To drive brand awareness for your product or service at a RELATIVELY LOW COST.

7. To acquire customer insights about your audience – all the platforms are fully equipped with analytics so you can learn more about your customer demographics, when they are online and what they like and dislike.