I regularly speak to business owners who are seeing little growth on social media and just can’t understand why. Successful social media growth comes not just from the content you post, but also through REGULAR AUTHENTIC ENGAGEMENT with your audience to build your following and grow your online community.
So, here’s my top 5 tips on how to engage on your social platforms!
1. Consider your brand TONE OF VOICE. Be yourself and be human in your engagement. Think about how you want to come across to others, and stay true to that consistently. It will appear very odd to your audience if one minute you are super friendly and conversational in your posts and comments, and then the next minute you are abrupt or short and shouting about your political views.
2. Build engagement into your daily routine! Hop on to your platforms two to three times daily to spend 10 minutes each time liking, loving, commenting on and sharing content from your community. Respond to comments and acknowledge your customer feedback in order to show them the human side behind your business or service.
3. Leave AUTHENTIC comments and get involved in conversations! Don’t be afraid to ask questions and reply to others. If you see a piece of content that’s really appealing, don’t just like it, comment on it and say why! Why not check which hashtags are trending on Twitter for example and reply to some tweets with your opinion on the subject or ask questions about it?
4. Jump into debates and conversations! It’s much easier than it sounds, and as long as you acknowledge others and don’t just shout about yourself it’s perfectly ok! Make valid contributions to a conversation and before you know it you’ve had a great dialogue with several people.
5. Be prepared to give a lot more than you may receive back! I hear a lot of people say they give up engaging because they feel what they are doing isn’t being reciprocated. This is absolutely normal! You do need to be fairly consistent and persistent with your engagement but it really does pay off in the end.