tips on working from home

Ever found yourself completely out of ideas for what to post on social media? Or felt that your posts have become repetitive, painfully salesy and (shock horror) verging on being dull and boring?

We’ve all been there, so don’t worry. Here’s 5 content ideas for you and your business that should get your inner creative flowing again and that WORK. Just don’t forget to ensure you use some amazing visuals in your posts (correctly sized for the platform), and make sure you check out your analytics afterwards to see how they’ve performed!

Here goes..

1. Write a post about either yourself or someone in your business – e.g. meet the team or share the reason(s) why you established your business.

2. Share some success! A testimonial, some feedback or a success story from your service or about your product.

3. Share a #toptip that’s relevant to your business or service. If you are an accountant, share a personal finance tip, if you sell skincare, share a skincare tip, if you run a fitness business, share a wellbeing tip!

4. Share what you’re up to in your business – are you planning for an event? In the middle of a website overhaul? Designing a new service? Share it with your audience and ask their opinion!

5. Share a quote that’s relevant to your business. It could be thought provoking, aspirational or motivational to read, but it must appeal to your ideal customer!

I hope they help to reignite your creative mojo – do let me know! If you’re looking for more creative tips and ideas then why not attend one of my Instagram Workshops? More details here, plus you can read my many training testimonials here.